In year 2017, Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has announced several tax incentives for investors and venture capital firms in the 2018 Budget.



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Under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 (CMSA), any person carrying on a business in any regulated activity must be appropriately licensed or registered by the Ssecurity Commission Malaysia. Corporations undertaking venture capital or private equity activity are registered persons under Schedule 4 of the CMSA.

In order to enjoy the announced new tax incentives, you are required to register as a VCMC in Malaysia.

Who is Securities Commission Malaysia?

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is a statutory body entrusted with the responsibility of regulating and systematically developing the Malaysia's capital markets.

How to Register

Applicants are required to file the following forms in both hard copies:

  • Form 1: Application for the Registration of Venture Capital and Private Equity Corporations and/or Management Corporations (MS Word)
  • Form 2: Application for the Registration of Responsible Person(s) of Venture Capital and Private Equity Corporations and Management Corporations (MS Word

* Registered corporations are required to submit both digital (in Excel format) and signed physical copies of the completed forms to the SC.

Please refer to SC’s website for further information  

Need Help in registering as a VCMC Malaysia?
If you need help, we are here to provide advice on the procedure of VCMC registration and connect you with the relevant agency.